Blockchain security by community experts

Ackee Blockchain is a team of auditors and white hat hackers who perform security audits and assessments. Our mission is to contribute to a stronger blockchain ecosystem by sharing our knowledge.

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Blockchain services

technical due diligence

Smart Contracts Auditing

Our team of engineers will perform a security audit including tool analysis, manual code review, automated tests and bug bounty contest. We offer both one time audits and continuous auditing as a service.

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smart contracts

Smart Contracts Development

Our blockchain developers create secure Ethereum smart contracts with Solidity or develop with Rust on Solana. Contact us to get an inquiry for your project.

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complete ecosystem

Complete Ecosystem

Whether it’s a web3 or a native app, we are here to build you a complete ecosystem around blockchain. Based on our 9 years of experience of app development we handle everything from UX, design, frontends, backends and DevOps.

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Our clients



cLabs is a member of the Alliance for Prosperity and part of the community working on Celo.

We are helping cLabs to secure the blockchain ecosystem by performing security assessments for following projects:

Rockaway Blockchain Fund

The largest European investment fund focused on investment into blockchain and digital assets, with a target value of $ 100 million.

We are happy to support RBF on their investment decisions by our technical due diligence process.

Marinade Finance

Liquid staking protocol built on Solana.

The audit scope was 4 engineering weeks, we co-audited with Kudelski Security and Nedodyme.

Marinade was presented as "The most trusted staking on Solana" on the Solana Breakpoint conference.

Community Gaming

Community Gaming’s platform creates a seamless experience for tournament organizers to host grassroots tournaments and for gamers to compete and instantly get paid when they win.

We have performed a quick 5 MDs review of Ethereum smart contracts.

The audit was not published.

Why Ackee Blockchain?

Our value lies in a strong technological background which allows us to
spread our know-how in blockchain further.

Strong member of Blockchain

Our team of blockchain engineers led by Josef Gattermayer, Ph.D., assistant professor at CTU, shares their expertise globally. Besides providing open-source solutions to the development community, we contribute to conferences like Devcon, where we also provided the official conference app.

Trusted by the Best

Assigned official development grants by three key blockchain foundations – Ethereum Foundation, Tezos Foundation and KIN Foundation.

Sharing knowledge


University lectures

Josef Gattermayer, Ph.D. is a speaker and co-autor of a new blockchain subject NIE-BLO at the Czech Technical University in Prague. Subject tutorials guided by Ackee Blockchain team are focused on Solidity development and auditing.


School of Solidity

We were missing a Solidity development and auditing course for the wide public so we decided to create our own.

We introduce to Ethereum tooling, Solidity fundamentals and security principles in 7 online lessons.

Successful participants are awarded by Ackee Blockchain Solidity Foundations certificate.


Solana tools

Solana ecosystem lacks a lot of tooling and that's why we decided to implement a Rust client.

Read more about the upcoming project here.


Opensource DevKits

Our mission to bring blockchain closer to developers is realised here. We made it possible to call Ethereum smart contracts directly from the Swift language. Since our open source release of the library and code generator, iOS developers can work with Ethereum smart contracts as with another SDK. Another contribution to the community was made with our PoC app using Tezos DevKit with step-by-step tutorials of how to use its TezosSwift library.

Executive team

With years of experience under our belt, we are ready for any challenge.

picture of josef gattermayer

Josef Gattermayer, Ph.D.

Managing Partner

Co-founder of Ackee & assistant professor at CTU, where he received doctorate in Distributed Systems. Having his tokens stolen during the Bitfinex Hack back in 2016, he realized how important the security of blockchain would be.

Dominik Teiml

Ethereum Tech Lead

Dominik is a rock-star Ethereum auditor who identified two high severity issues in Uniswap V3. Before he joined our team he worked at auditing firms Trail of Bits and CertiK. Dominik is in love with mathematics since his studies at University of Oxford.

Tibor Tribus

Tibor Tribus

Solana Tech Lead

Before Tibor started auditing Solana projects he worked as a DevOps engineer, which taught him to make automation and avoid mistakes. He regrets not owning any DOGE though. But he HODLs SOL.


These professionals got our back.

Viktor Fischer

Viktor Fischer

Managing Partner @ Rockaway Blockchain Fund

Viktor leads the largest European investment fund focused on blockchain. He has expertise in the area of start-ups and previous specialisation in consulting. Viktor is deeply networked in the blockchain community and helps Ackee Blockchain to open the right doors.

Dusan Kovacic

Chief Investment Officer @ Rockaway Blockchain Fund

Dusan Kovacic is responsible for all RBF investments. As part of this, Dusan actively engages in crypto-communities, advocating user-oriented product and platform development. Dusan helps Ackee Blockchain to identify new business challenges.

Marek Fort

Marek Fort

Blockchain Developer

Apart from being an experienced developer, author of many open source libraries and significant contributor to the dev community, Marek is a tutor and consultant of Ackee Blockchain School of Solidity