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Take your technical skills to the next level and get a certification in the Solidity language.

What's this all about?

Do you want to learn Solidity and be able to code, debug and review Solidity smart contracts? If you are interested in blockchain & crypto and already have previous knowledge in any programming language, enroll in our Summer School of Solidity and get certified with Ackee Blockchain.

  • Start date: Summer 2022
  • Duration: 6 weeks
  • How: in Czech & online
  • Time: Wednesdays TBA
  • Good to know: free of charge


  1. Introduction to tooling and wallets setup
  2. Working with Testnet
  3. Introduction to Solidity
  4. Development of a contract, task
  5. Task feedback and presentations
  6. Security

Rules for getting a certification

As validation of your obtained skills in the Solidity language, you will receive our Ackee Blockchain certificate in Solidity Foundations, which will serve as future proof for your fundamental knowledge.

Before you'll rule the world of blockchain and smart contracts, keep in mind the following rules.

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